rotary kiln supporting wheels
Support roller (support wheel) bears the whole weight of rotary kiln (including barrel, inside bricks, heat exchange device inside kiln, raw material, rolling ring, gear ring), which makes the barrel and the rolling ring rotates smoothly on kiln support roller.Therefore supporting roller with strong endurance has become one important standard to judge quality of rotary kiln.
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Processing and manufacturing strength 
We have several sets of hobbing machines with a diameter of 3m-10m; several sets of various submerged arc welding machines; we have processing equipment such as heat treatment electric furnaces and CNC vertical lathes and CNC lathes, with mechanical performance testing, impact testing machines, UT and MT flaw detection equipment Complete testing system
Support roller assembled in rotary kiln and is used to provides a smooth surface for the roller to spin on.

1. Bear heavy load, good continuous operation.
Yingyong adopts ZG55, ZG42CrMo etc. so as to guarantee the quality but also has advantages of bearing heavy load and good continuous operation.
2. Simple structure, easy adjustment and repair.Yingyong Casting adopts rolling bearing wheel and has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance.

3. Using process of normalizing and tempering, high product hardness.Yingyong adopts process of normalizing and tempering, surface hardness of encircle is more than 200HB to ensure its great quality.

The tyre can be use for rotary kiln with different diameters, we can supply our clients the tyre with diameter from 2-16m
according to the clients drawing. This table is just for reference.

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