Case of VRM type non-metallic vertical mill production line with an output of 80 tons per hour
Case of VRM type non-metallic vertical mill production line with an output of 80 tons per hour

1.  Project Overview

Relying on the abundant coal gangue resources in Shuozhou, Shanxi, the project will process mineral powder and supply it to the rotary kiln for calcination into kaolin, which will be made into high value-added products.

2. Design parameters:

Processing material: coal gangue

Feed particle size: <20mm

Finished particle size: 200 mesh, D90

Finished water content: <1%

Capacity: 75 tons/hour

Equipment composition: a VRM2800S vertical mill (1400kw), feeder, elevator, raw material warehouse, screw feeder, vertical mill, dust collector, fan and control cabinet, etc.

3. Process flow:

The raw material of the vertical mill first enters the feeding bin, and then is conveyed to the vertical roller mill by the conveyor belt. Inside the mill, the slag raw material rotates with the grinding disc, and at the same time slowly moves to the edge of the grinding disc under the action of centrifugal force. drying.

The finer material particles are sent to the separator for sorting, while the coarser particles are returned to the grinding disc for further grinding. The fine powder that meets the requirements is sent to the dust collector for gas-powder separation. The finished product enters the bulk warehouse, and the exhaust gas is discharged after being silenced by the fan. Some extra-large particles of slag enter the external circulation system through the slag discharge port, and are sent to the inside of the mill by the elevator after iron removal treatment for re-grinding.

4.  Advantages and features:

1. The running resistance of the grinding roller is small and the energy consumption is low

The vertical mill adopts conical grinding rollers. During the grinding process, the friction between the grinding roller and the grinding disc is mainly rolling friction, which reduces the energy consumption and prolongs the life of the grinding roller and the grinding disc.

2. Horizontal grinding disc, the center blanking cloth is uniform

3. Perfect loading system

The vertical mill adopts a liquid-air combined spring-loaded system, so that there is almost no metallic contact between the parts of the vertical mill during the entire grinding process.

4. Greatly reduce energy consumption

Compared with the traditional tube mill system, the vertical mill can save 45-60% of the electric energy, and the grinding material can save 35-40% of the electric energy.

5. The product particle size of vertical mill is similar to that of tube mill.

6. Other advantages

The vertical mill has high grinding efficiency, strong drying capacity, and greatly reduces power consumption. At the same time, it simplifies the process, occupies less floor space, saves investment, long service life and high operation rate.

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