Ball mill Rubber liner
With the development of modern production, the diameter of the ball mill equipment is getting larger and larger. The ball mill with a diameter of about five meters has been widely used in production, so the quality requirements of the lining plate and the ball are getting higher and higher
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Processing and manufacturing strength
We have several sets of hobbing machines with a diameter of 3m-10m; several sets of various submerged arc welding machines; we have processing equipment such as heat treatment electric furnaces and CNC vertical lathes and CNC lathes, with mechanical performance testing, impact testing machines, UT and MT flaw detection equipment Complete testing system
Production Process Introduction
Making wooden molds, modeling, smelting and pouring, heat preservation, pit clearing, heat treatment, roughing, finishing,inspection, and delivery
Product Features:
1.Material: High Manganese Steel, Super-High Manganese Steel, High Chromium Casting Iron, Alloy Steel, Chromium-molybdenum
Steel,or as per the customer requests.
2.Hardness: as per your request.
3. Impact Value: as per your request.
4. Tensile Strength: as per your request.
5.Heat Treatment Process: Normalizing, Tempering, Quenching & Tempering.
6.Surface treatment: rust preventive oil, or as per your requests.
It is an important way to increase output, reduce consumption and strive for a good economic and civilized environment to create the working state of the ball mill with the lining plate and grinding ball of new anti-wear material.

Product quality inspection
1.  Before machining, control the dimensions according to the tolerance casting; ensure the precise control of the internal quality of the casting;
2.  During processing, the inspection of the bearing surface is carried out. The main inspection techniques are: ultrasonic inspection (UT), magnetic particle inspection (MT), and color inspection (PT). As a whole, it can reach level three flaw detection, and key parts can reach level two flaw detection; improve the stress capacity and wear resistance.
3.  After processing, strict inspection before leaving the factory to ensure the hardness and abrasion resistance of the vertical rollers, sand blasting equipment effectively assists and improves the surface quality.
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