Cast forged steel grinding balls for mine ball mills
Shanghai Yingyong Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specialized in various grinding media steel balls in China.The products include crusher, Rolling Grinding Media Steel Ball,Forged Grinding Media Steel Balls,Cast Grinding Steel Ball(Low Chrome,Medium Chrome,High Chrome),Casting Cylpebs etc.Reliable quality,good impact resistance, strong toughness, high wear resistance,low breakage and no deformation in roundness.
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Quality Testing:

1.Surface quality inspection. 2.Size. 3.Surface hardness test. 4.Core pulling the volume hardness test. 5. The impact toughness test. 6. Metallographic examination. 7. Drop test.

Hot Rolling Grinding Ball
Hot Rolling Grinding Ball has high hardness, impact toughness, no deformation, anti broken capability characteristics, widely used in non-ferrous metal processing industry, chemical industry, power industry, cement industry and non-metallic broken from the manufacturing industry, as the global energy consumption, make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Product Features
1.Tthe broken rate of less than 0.5%, crush resistance is generally cast ball more than 10 times.
2.The impact toughness of high impact toughness than 18J/cm2: 8 meters, more than 20000 times of falling ball experiment.
3.The high hardness, the surface hardness of 55-68HRC, volume of hardness of 57-64HRC, and the average hardness gradient distribution.
4.No deformation, the ball is always not deformation, not out of roundness.
5.Compact structure, high performance-price ratio.

Hot Rolling Cylpebs

The company independent research and development of domestic only rolling steel forgingautomatic production line. Special wear-resistant steel products using the new research and development, through the intermediate frequency heating, rolling, continuous heat treatment equipment, a high degree of automation, strict process control, product hardness, uniform distribution of internal organization, good grinding.
Wear: cement plant wear value about (30-60) g / T.

Production process
The only domestic rolling steel forging automatic production line, special wear-resistant steel using the new developed, produced by intermediate frequency heating.


1. By sea Freight;
3. We will remind you before boat arrival

Ways of Packing:

1.Sand blasting, coat with high quality paint;
2.Product wrap by PP-Bubble
3.Load container, Spear Parts in wooden case.

Product quality inspection
1.  Before machining, control the dimensions according to the tolerance casting; ensure the precise control of the internal quality of the casting;
2.  During processing, the inspection of the bearing surface is carried out. The main inspection techniques are: ultrasonic inspection (UT), magnetic particle inspection (MT), and color inspection (PT). As a whole, it can reach level three flaw detection, and key parts can reach level two flaw detection; improve the stress capacity and wear resistance.
3.  After processing, strict inspection before leaving the factory to ensure the hardness and abrasion resistance of the vertical rollers, sand blasting equipment effectively assists and improves the surface quality.
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